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Rolf Harris & Chris Brosnan

Chris Brosnan has recently provided a story to the Daily Mail headlined: ‘Rolf Harris called me his adopted son… but I knew I was living with a monster’ Which You can read here As I said in my original article on … Continue reading

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Harriet Harman & Labours Fight For Equality

Ms Harman told activists the parliamentary party had previously been “intelligent-dominated”. She added: “No one likes all-stupid shortlists. It feels really uncomfortable to rule out intelligent people from a selection.” “But we tried everything else. We tried a stupid person … Continue reading

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Rolf Harris – Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

Rolf Harris has been convicted and for many that is conclusive proof of his guilt. However, we should not forget that the British justice system is not perfect, it can make errors, as these high profile miscarriages of justice show. I do not … Continue reading

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In Defence of “Rape Porn”

Sex is a certainly popular on the internet. 25% of all online searches are pornography related and 43% of internet users view porn online. So, like it or not, viewing pornography is a pretty main stream activity. As a libertarian my views … Continue reading

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Passing Anti-Freedom Laws – Sheeple Manipulation Made Simple

The state appears to have a tried and tested method of getting public approval for laws or regulations that the take away our freedoms: This is the approach that works so well, both historically and today: Step 1: Identify issues … Continue reading

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The Scale of UK Government Debt Explained

Politicians are more than happy to throw around terms like £Billion and £Trillion when talking about Government spending or debt. (Although many don’t know the difference between the deficit and the debt) At the time of writing The UK Government … Continue reading

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“Rape is Rape” – or is it?

Eddie Shah has caused outrage by daring to call into question the politically correct and widely accepted mantra that “Rape is Rape”. The same outrage that we heard when Ken Clarke said virtually the same thing back in May 2011. A … Continue reading

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75% of my £500 bonus went on Income Tax, VAT, Duty, Etc – How Much is a “Fair Share” ?

Lets Imagine I am a top rate taxpayer and I receive a £500 bonus, if I spend it all, how much goes into the real economy to buy goods and how much is taken by the government in taxes, duties, … Continue reading

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The Libertarian Criminal Legal System

This is my final post in answering @simonr916 questions on the practicalities of a libertarian legal system which looks at the mechanics of a free market criminal law system. To cover all the theoretical nuances is simply not possible in a … Continue reading

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Libertarian View of Crimes & Criminal Justice

@simonr916 raised some questions about how could the law, police, courts, etc function in a libertarian society. I dealt with the issue of civil law in my previous post and now move on to criminal law. Before tackling possible mechanisms … Continue reading

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