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Abortion – Does The Foetus Have a Right To Life?

This is a complex area for everyone, but particularly for libertarians who are by definition both pro-life and pro-choice and whose fundamental moral keystone is the principle of non-aggression. The first step in thinking clearly about the issue is to … Continue reading

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Socialist Nonsense on The Evils of Wage Labour

A lot of socialists on Twitter still cling to Marx’s labour theory of value and see all employers as exploiting the employee. The argument runs that any increase in the value of raw materials has been created by the labour … Continue reading

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OfVeg – “We Will Stamp Out These Rogue Trade Practices”

  The UK Office For The Regulation of Vegetable Markets (OfVeg) is teaming up with consumer groups to enforce price standardization to the vegetable market in the wake of growing consumer concerns about the bewildering choices on offer to consumers. … Continue reading

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The Fox Hunting Ban has Nothing to do with Cruelty

I am not a hunt supporter, or member of the Countryside Alliance, neither am I a vegetarian or a member of the league against cruel sports. I have a dog and consider myself to be an animal lover, I currently … Continue reading

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