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Abu Qatada – When Protecting Liberty is Most Important

His Grace Archbishop Cranmer has an article today that calls for the “Extradition of Abu Qatada Regardless”: I am a big fan of his grace, usually his comments are perceptive and well reasoned, but in this case I find … Continue reading

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Guido Fawkes at The Leveson Inquiry

  As I said when the phone hacking scandal was starting to whip the unthinking mob into a frenzy, back in July last year: “The real danger of the phone hacking “scandal” is that this ill considered public outrage is used by … Continue reading

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Monbiot and The Intellectual Inferiority of Those With Right Wing Views

This weeks piece of nonsense from George Monbiot in the Guardian is based around a scientific paper that “revealed that people with conservative beliefs are likely to be of low intelligence” IF the paper were true, I would respond with … Continue reading

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