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Is Selfishness Unavoidable ?

Those who criticize Libertarian views on the grounds that they are selfish are on shaky ground. Empirically it is a fact that so far all those who condemn selfishness have failed the coffee test and thereby demonstrated that in their … Continue reading

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The Real Danger With The News of The World Phone Hacking “Scandal”

The press and TV are engrossed in the “Scandal” of phone hacking It was the lead item on the BBC News at ten last night, taking precedence over other more trivial things, like millions of people starving to death in … Continue reading

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What has capitalism ever done for us ?

A lot of people seem to think capitalism is a bad thing. They go on rallies denouncing capitalism and smashing up banks and restaurants in their anger. But what is “capitalism” and why is it so bad ? Consider Robinson … Continue reading

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