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Socialists Won’t Give up a Cup of Coffee to Save a Starving Man!

A common charge by socialists against non-socialists is that we are selfish and don’t care about our fellow human beings. We are motivated by greed and profit and don’t value the dignity and life of others. They on the other … Continue reading

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Public Sector Pay & Pensions

This article is in response to some comments about this link on public sector pensions which points out the high cost of funding these. “We pay¬†your pensions” — why, yes. And your salaries. How very generous of us. Except that … Continue reading

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Sarkozy Price Regulation and The “Evil” Speculators

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for the G20 nations to put in place tighter regulation of food commodity prices.¬†France is leading the call for tougher limits on speculation in food commodities. “A market that is not regulated is not … Continue reading

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Challenge To The Coffee Test

One of the key paradoxes faced by those who believe that wealth should be re-distributed to those in greater need is my coffee test. An attempt to answer the coffee test objection appeared here: It fails, this is why: … Continue reading

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