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Democracy – The Choice Of The People ?

I am no fan of democracy as it violates individual freedom, but it is also a very poor mechanism for making complicated decisions about running the country. One of the problems with democracy is that most of the voters don’t … Continue reading

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No Freedom For The Poor In The Free Market ?

Socialists, argue that there is no freedom for the poor in a free market. At its most basic level, they argue, if the choice is taking a job you hate or starving you are “forced” to take the job. This … Continue reading

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The Shooting of Osama Bin Laden

70 state troops fly into a foreign country without the permission of that country’s government and shoot an unarmed criminal suspect, twice in the head, without a trial, in front of his wife and 13 year old daughter. Horrah for … Continue reading

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The Importance of Equality – Questions for Socialists

Human beings are clearly not equal in any real sense. Consider any physical attribute or mental ability and you will observe the huge range of differences between people. One of the dimensions along which people differ is the things that … Continue reading

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Fuel Poverty – Socialist Double Speak

There are so many kinds of “poverty” today that the socialists are eager to “deal with” that you almost need a reference guide for the definitions. One of the silliest kinds of poverty is “Fuel Poverty” defined as: Households are … Continue reading

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Why we should scrap the NHS

The NHS doesn’t work, because like all Socialist enterprises it breaks the essential direct link between the people paying for the service and the people providing it. This is bad for both the healthcare providers and the patients: 1. The … Continue reading

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The OECD, “Child Poverty” and Socialist Double-Speak!

When most people think of the phrase “Child Poverty” they conjure up the image of emaciated children in rags and feel an emotional urge to “do something” to eliminate such a terrible thing. Well according to the OECD, we should … Continue reading

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