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Individual Freedom v Democratic Freedom

Imagine an island in the middle of nowhere and ten people ship-wrecked on it. 8 Men and 2 women. This simple society agrees that they want to make decisions by democratic vote with one vote each. This works well for … Continue reading

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Millionaires, Tax Loopholes & Fair Shares

It has become very popular to rage about millionaires avoiding their fair share of tax by exploiting tax loopholes: “Tories leave open tax loophole for the mega-rich” – Mirror “Footballers pay 22% tax thanks to Loophole” – Daily Mail Let … Continue reading

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The Smoking Ban

There are a number of arguments against smoking in public places, let’s look at them one at a time. “Smoking is bad for the health of the smoker and should therefore be discouraged.” I have no doubt that smoking is … Continue reading

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Organ Donation – Presumed Consent

England’s Chief Medical Officer wants a system of “presumed consent” to be introduced in England to tackle organ shortages. The argument runs like this. There is a shortage of donor organs. If we had more donor organs we could save … Continue reading

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